Voluma Treatment in Tampa, FL

Voluma Treatment Questions and Answers

Searching for a place to get a facelift near Tampa, FL? Aspire MedSpa & Beauty Bar offers voluma treatment that that lifts, tightens and adds volume to the cheek area. This treatment is fast, effective and safe. For more information please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Tampa FL, Clearwater FL, Carrollwood FL, Westchase FL, Town ‘n’ Country FL, Lutz FL and Temple Terrace FL.

Voluma Treatment Near Me in Tampa, FL
Voluma Treatment Near Me in Tampa, FL

While aging is no doubt a beautiful process, some of its signs are aren’t very desirable. As the years pile on, we start to notice changes that we always assumed happened to ‘old’ people. Before we know it, we wake up one fine day and come face-to-face with the first faint signs, whether it’s a wrinkle or a slight greying near the temples. It’s a bittersweet moment—on the one hand, we can see the natural, irrepressible force of aging in action, adding a dignified touch to the same old face we’ve always known, and on the other, we look just a little different, a little older. Our clients typically see instant results, with more volume in the cheek area and a noticeable lift. Side effects are minimal, and limited to temporary reactions such as swelling, tenderness, itching, bruising and redness, and may last for two to four weeks.

There is no downtime to speak of—you can resume normal activities in as little as 24 hours. With optimal treatment, the results may last for as long as two years. Before the procedure, we will take you through the process to make sure you understand the scope of the treatment. We will also consult you on additional procedures, based on your needs and expectations. If you want to rejuvenate your cheek areas, we have the entire line of lifting and volume-adding treatments to give you soft, supple, youthful-looking cheeks. Our JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC treatment is a cutting-edge filler treatment designed to lift and correct flattened cheeks, giving you natural-looking plumpness for up to two years.

Have Questions?

How Long Will the Results of Juvederm Voluma Last?

Compared to other dermal fillers on the market, Juvederm Voluma offers results that last up to two years. In a clinical study, nearly 70 percent of people who received Voluma injections were still enjoying their results two years after their first treatment.

Are Juvederm Voluma Injections Painful?

Juvederm Voluma contains an anesthetic called lidocaine to reduce patient discomfort. Most people report only minor discomfort during treatment, and we also offer topical anesthesia to make sure you’re comfortable during the procedure.

What Can I Expect During the Juvederm Voluma Recovery Period?

There is virtually no downtime when you get a Juvederm Voluma treatment, and you will be able to resume most activities immediately after the procedure, though we recommend avoiding strenuous exercise and limiting your exposure to sunlight and extreme heat. Keep in mind that it is perfectly normal to experience some mild redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. These effects are only temporary and should subside within two to four weeks.