Radiesse Treatment in Tampa, FL

Radiesse Treatment Questions and Answers

Imagine an anti-wrinkle treatment that not only fills out wrinkles and lines instantly but also helps the body to naturally reverse the signs of aging. With the radiesse® volumizing filler, that’s exactly what you get. Aspire MedSpa & Beauty Bar offers radiesse treatment to help you achieve wrinkle-free skin. For more information please call us or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Tampa FL, Clearwater FL, Carrollwood FL, Westchase FL, Town ‘n’ Country FL, Lutz FL and Temple Terrace FL.

Radiesse Treatment Near Me in Tampa, FL
Radiesse Treatment Near Me in Tampa, FL

The RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler is a high-end dermal filler treatment that prevents skin from sagging and drooping by acting as a scaffolding under the skin, giving it structure for taut and even cheeks, mouth and neck areas. The RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler is a master-class in anti-aging treatments. Not only does it lift and define deep wrinkles, folds and hollows in minutes, it stimulates the production of collagen, enabling the skin to counter the effects of aging naturally. Collagen is the primary substance that gives youthful skin its volume, bounce, elasticity and strength. As we age, breakdown of collagen leads to loss of volume, which ultimately results in visible aging signs such as wrinkles and lines. RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler is both a short-term and long-term treatment in that it fills and soothes the skin instantly, and also promotes natural collagen production for results that may last up to a year. Skin degradation such as loss of volume, flattening, hollowing, lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging.

While no one can escape these effects, ultimately, what really matter is how we deal with the visible signs. Thankfully, with modern marvels in skin rejuvenation such as the RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler, and other premium-quality dermal fillers available at Aspire, we have at our disposal an array of robust solutions that can turn back the clock and bring back lost volume.

Radiesse for Hands

RADIESSE® for Hands was the first dermal filler FDA approved to correct volume loss in the hands. Over time, loss of volume in the hands can leave skin looking thin and wrinkled, often revealing unsightly tendons and veins. As one of the most visible parts of the body, the appearance of the hands can be a significant indicator of age. Aspire is pleased to offer RADIESSE® for treatment of volume loss in the hands.

RADIESSE provides an immediate volumizing effect and can help to reduce the prominence of tendons and veins in the hands1, delivering smooth, natural- looking results that can last up to 1 year. Treating the hands with RADIESSE is a quick in office procedure that can usually be completed in 10 minutes. With just one quick treatment, RADIESSE for Hands provides immediate volume for smooth, natural-looking results that last up to 1 year. Call us today to schedule your hands consultation and determine if RADIESSE® is right for you.

Have Questions?

How long does a treatment with Radiesse take?

Usually, a Radiesse session will take under 30 minutes, from start to finish.

How long will the results of Radiesse last?

Patients will see the benefits of Radiesse last from 18-24 months, sometimes longer. A repeat treatment, when these benefits begin to fade, can extend the results.

When can I return to work after a treatment with Radiesse?

Patients can resume their usual activities the same afternoon as receiving Radiesse.