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Plasma Fibroblast Therapy Questions and Answers

Do you want to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin around your face and neck? Then Aspire Med Spa is the perfect place to go. Our experienced staff in Tampa, FL can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. For more information please call us or book an appointment online

Plasma Fibroblast Therapy Near Me in Tampa, FL
Plasma Fibroblast Therapy Near Me in Tampa, FL

Aging is an inevitable part of life. No one can avoid it, but there are ways to counter the effects of aging. Do you want to look your best and feel your best? A plasma fibroblast may be the right solution for you. It helps reduce the look of aging by tightening the skin and evening the color tones of your complexion.

What Is Plasma Fibroblast?

Fibroblast Plasma Therapy is a non-surgical procedure that uses a plasma pen to tightens your skin and instigates your body to produce new collagen and elastin. Depending on the area being treated, final results vary. Firbrobasting treatment is known to create great results when used for eye lifts, face lifts and to even the complexion of your skin tone.

How Does Plasma Fibroblast Work?

Plasma fibroblast therapy uses a pen-like device that discharges a high-frequency electric current to small areas of the skin. The plasma tip releases a targeted current just above the skin, so it doesn’t directly touch the skin. The hot current creates small holes, or micro-injuries, in the skin’s layer.

Plasma Fibroblast is a innovative cosmetic treatment which is an alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Fibroblast delivers results which rival surgical procedures, but with minimal downtime and without having to go under the knife! The elasticity of the skin and skin tightening will continue to improve as the skin heals and repairs. In addition to the tightening effect, excess skin is removed so the results will last just as long as with a surgical procedure. Treating everything from fine lines and scarring, to skin tags and smoker’s lines, crow’s feet and droopy eyelids.

Are you looking to improve the overall appearance of your skin but laser, injections and surgery are not what you are looking for? Then Plasma fibroblast treatment are a great option for you. Our plasma Concepts pen is the world’s leading plasma device to treat appearance of wrinkles, aging, skin laxity, tone and texture. This cosmetic procedure is administered by a licensed certified plasma technician. Plasma concepts can unlock skin’s potential for youthfulness and tighter, smoother skin in just one treatment with long lasting results and high patient satisfaction. Call to schedule your consultation we will answer all your questions so you can make a confident decision.

What is the plasma fibroblast treatment?

Fibroblast or plasma skin resurfacing is a collagen induction therapy. The Plasma Concepts pen treatment will stimulate fibroblast function. The pen discharges a continues direct energy that is the results of ionize nitrogen and oxygen in the air producing the plasma gas. During the treatment small plasma flash is delivered from them tip of the pen to the skin, leaving a micro injury that look like a dot. Each plasma point creates an effect radius that pulls the skin close together.

The treatment and inflammation will trigger a tissue regeneration process contracting the skin. The end result is a more tighten, youthful and vibrant look and long-lasting benefits.

Plasma Fibroblast Therapy in Tampa, FL

Plasma treatment are completely personalize, we can treat any are of your body.

What are the benefits of plasma fibroblast treatment?

Firstly, the treatment is nonsurgical, so there are no sharp or pointed devices used at all. Secondly, the treatment is pretty versatile, so it can address different issues like acne scarring, age spots, wrinkles in the skin, and other signs of aging in areas like the eyelids, neck, jawline, and more. It’s also possible to use the treatment as an alternative to lip fillers. The cosmetic benefits of plasma fibroblast treatment are an improved skin texture, skin tightening effects, and facial contouring. As a result, patients get a more youthful and sculpted look, but there’s even more to the treatment than that!

The effects of the treatment (the continual effects on the fibroblasts) may last for up to one whole year after the treatment. Plasma fibroblast treatment is a natural treatment because it simply stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal and rejuvenate the skin.

If you or someone you know are in need of fibroblast therapy, call us to get in touch with a specialist. To book an appointment, call us or visit us online. We are located at 12936 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618. We serve patients from Tampa FL, Clearwater FL, Carrollwood FL, Westchase FL, Town ‘n’ Country FL, Lutz FL, and Temple Terrace FL.

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