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Hair Restoration Treatment in Tampa, FL

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Hair Restoration Treatment in Tampa, FL

Are You Looking to Restore Your Lovely Locks? Hair Restoration Treatment May Be Right for You. Our Experts at Aspire Medspa & Beauty Bar Are Ready to Help You! Call Us for More Information or Request an Appointment Online.

Hair Restoration Treatment in Tampa, FL
Hair Restoration Treatment in Tampa, FL

Even though it is natural to lose hair as we age, it is still a painful process to go through. At Aspire Med Spa and Beauty Bar, we sympathize with that issue and want you to feel confident in your appearance. If that means having a full head of hair, then we are here to help you accomplish that goal! To do so, we are delighted to offer hair replacement treatments to any of our clients that are looking to restore their lovely locks!

What are the different kinds of hair replacement treatment?

There are plenty of effective hair replacement treatments for you to choose from! The most common kinds of hair replacement treatments are wigs, toupees and hairpieces, and hair replacement systems. There is a subtle difference between these three kinds of hair replacement treatments. Wigs are designed to cover the entire scalp and stay in place by an elastic band designed to fit comfortably on a customer’s head. In contrast, toupees and hairpieces are only intended to cover a particular area of the scalp where balding has begun for daily use. Hair replacement systems are similar to toupees and hairpieces in that they do not cover the entire scalp. However, unlike toupees and hairpieces, hair replacement systems are designed to be worn for three to four days.

Is hair replacement treatment expensive?

Hair replacement treatments are far cheaper than hair transplantation, which can cost between $4,000 to $15,000. The price of hair replacement treatments varies according to whether the hair system is stock or custom-fitted to your head. Hair replacement treatments generally cost between $300 and $1000, approximately. Give us a call if you would like to hear about our hair replacement pricing at Aspire Med Spa and Beauty Bar, and we can provide you with a quote. If the price of your procedure is too dear, we do offer financing options for treatments that cost $1,000 or more through CareCredit, which you can apply for here.

Is hair replacement treatment different from hair transplants?

Hair transplants are different than hair replacement, as the former relies on surgical procedures to graft new hair follicles into the scalp. In contrast, hair replacement treatments supplement the hair on your scalp with a non-invasive hair system. Other differences between hair replacement treatments and hair transplants surround cost, permanence, and side effects. While hair transplants are more permanent than hair replacement systems, they are far more expensive, invasive, and involve a higher risk of side effects, such as infection. On the contrary, hair replacement systems are significantly less costly, non-surgical, and have virtually no side effects. That said, hair replacement systems do require more maintenance than hair transplants, including regular haircuts and the replacement of your hair systems every three to five months.

Where can I get hair replacement treatment?

If you are looking for a reputable hair replacement clinic in Tampa, Florida, look no further than Aspire Med Spa and Beauty Bar! We offer hair replacement treatments that are second to none. Our professional and friendly staff here at Aspire have dedicated themselves to providing top-quality service for every client of ours. You can find Aspire Med Spa and Beauty Bar at 12932 N Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa, Florida.

We welcome you to come to Aspire Med Spa and Beauty Bar for all of your hair replacement treatment needs! We will be delighted to serve you. To book an appointment, you can do so on our website or by giving us a call! You can reach us Mon – Fri: 10:00am – 5:00pm, Saturdays and weekdays after hours: By appointment only.

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