Benefits of Sculptra Injections

Benefits of Sculptra Injections Q&A

One of the increasingly popular treatments at Aspire MedSpa & Beauty Bar is Sculptra treatments. To know more about, what Sculptra injections can do for you, contact us! We are conveniently located at 12936 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online.

Benefits of Sculptra Injections Near Me in Tampa, FL
Benefits of Sculptra Injections Near Me in Tampa, FL

Table of Content:

What are the benefits of Sculptra injections?
What does Sculptra do to your face?
Is Sculptra better than fillers?

What are the benefits of Sculptra injections?

Sculptra Aesthetic treatments have many incredible benefits to enhance your appearance and drastically improve multiple areas of the face. Benefits of Sculptra include:
– Increases collagen
– Reduces wrinkles
– Diminishes fine lines
– Natural-looking results
– Improves facial volume
– Contours the face
– Defines jawline and cheekbone structure
– Minimal risks
– Noninvasive
– Smooths skin texture
– Fixes skin tone
– Quick recovery
– Effortless healing
– Overall enhanced facial appearance
– Boosted self-esteem!
Clients at Aspire MedSpa & Beauty Bar can greatly benefit from Sculptra treatments. We would love to discuss how these injections can help you achieve your skin and face goals. Anyone who is struggling with signs of aging or who would like to prevent future wrinkling can benefit from Sculptra.

What does Sculptra do to your face?

Sculptra injections are designed to reduce wrinkles and fight sagging skin through the encouragement of collagen production. Stimulating collagen growth in the skin is essential in anti-aging treatments. Collagen is a protein in skin connective tissue that is responsible for skin elasticity. As we age, our body starts to produce less collagen which is a major factor in the development of fine lines and wrinkles. With a decrease in skin elasticity, our face can even start to droop around the mouth, eyes, cheeks, and brows.
Sculptra Aesthetic stimulates more collagen growth for immediate and long-term anti-aging results. The injections are made of a safe biodegradable molecule called poly-L-lactic acid. This molecule can gradually improve skin elasticity, stimulate collagen formation, and restore volume to thinning areas of the face.
Before the treatment, you will have a consultation appointment to discuss which areas of your face could benefit the most from Sculptra. During your treatment, your Sculptra specialist will use topical numbing cream on the injection site to guarantee no pain at all. They will then inject and target areas of the face such as the jawline, cheeks, temples, marionette lines, and nasolabial face. What’s fantastic about Sculptra treatments is their fast healing time. After your appointment, you can go straight back to your daily routine. Make sure to follow your aesthetician’s guide to recovery which may include staying away from the sun and massaging the targeted area for a few minutes a day.

Is Sculptra better than fillers?

Although Sculptra treatments and dermal fillers are similar, there is one noticeable difference. Sculptra is injected slightly farther into the dermis and stimulates collagen with poly-L-lactic acid. Instead of simply adding volume like other fillers, Sculptra encourages your face to heal, lift, and shine through enhanced collagen. Another key difference between dermal fillers and Sculptra is the length of results. Dermal fillers give you immediate results that last for about 6 months to a year. Sculptra Aesthetic offers results that gradually improve and can last for years meaning you will need much fewer maintenance appointments. Both have incredible benefits, but Sculptra treatments are becoming a favorite among aestheticians and our wonderful clients.
If this sounds like the ultimate medical spa treatment for you, please request an appointment online or give our front desk a call. We can answer any additional questions you have and set you up with one of our expert Sculptra specialists. Aspire MedSpa & Beauty Bar is dedicated to giving you the best treatments possible for anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, and collagen production. We look forward to helping you become the most confident, healthiest, youngest you! We serve patients from Tampa FL, Clearwater FL, Carrollwood FL, Westchase FL, Town ‘n’ Country FL, Lutz FL, Temple Terrace FL, Brandon FL, Land O’ Lakes FL, and surrounding areas.