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Why You Should Get a Chemical Peel this Summer

I’ve always been open to trying new things when it comes to skin care, but when I used to hear the words “chemical peel” I would tend to look the other way and think “there is no way i’m doing that to my skin”. It sounds scary and painful doesn’t it? Well, I was rest assured when I discovered that they’ re not as painful and scary as they sound. Chemical peels are the perfect way to give your skin a pick me up and recover after a long summer.

Curious about Botox? So was I…

Hi there! I am Lola, friend of the Aspire MedSpa & Beauty Bar team. You are probably reading this because you were curious about Botox. Maybe you want to try it and want to learn more and ensure it is safe and it will not make you look “frozen”. Well, you are in the right place.